About Us

The office of Candace M.P. Smith Architect, P.C., is a professional architecture firm offering quality design services. Centrally located in Charlottesville, Virginia, we have designed new homes and detailed alterations and additions throughout the State of Virginia and beyond. Focused primarily on residential and small commercial projects, we are dedicated to the marriage of client satisfaction and good design. Creating spaces that enhance and enrich our lives and the built environment is our highest goal. As residential architects, we are particularly recognized for our experience with customized design, detailing and craftsmanship.

Whether it is for a new residence, a small bath or kitchen addition, or major architectural and landscape alterations and additions, at Candace M.P. Smith Architect, P.C., our design solutions are generated by a strong design team. Beginning with our first meeting with the owner, we carefully consider the functional, aesthetic, landscape and preservation concerns, and we review critical questions with the owner to determine the priorities of the program. We believe our built projects are ultimately successful because we develop solutions as a team with the owner, and we seek input from the contractor, subcontractors and other professionals, such as a landscape architect, when refining the details.

For more information, please visit our website at www.cmpsarchitect.com